Educator Discussion Series Dialogue
Making Learning Visible: Documentation and Pedagogical Narration Resources

Making Learning Visible: Documentation and Pedagogical Narration Resources

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This space has been created for educators, administrators, parents, and youth advocates and attendees of “Making Learning Visible: Documentation and Pedagogical Narration” as a forum for sharing experiences and reflections as they work through these resources. On this page, we invite and encourage you to share your experiences and reflections, ideas and insights and engage with others to address questions surrounding pedagogical narration and how we can incorporate documentation into practice.

While these resources are intended to offer an introduction on the subject of Documentation and Pedagogical Narration, our list is not intended to be exhaustive and we welcome suggestions to other potential resources.

With our next event on February 24th, 2018 titled “Making Learning Visible: Documentation and Pedagogical Narration” along with both the provided and suggested resources on this page, we hope readers will (re)commit themselves to thinking deeply about the image of the child we hold, and our ideas about how children learn.

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Making Learning Visible: Documentation and Pedagogical Narration
Dr. Laurie Kocher

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Readings and Videos

Pedagogical Documentation: Why? When? Who? What? Where? How?
By Diane Kashin, Ed.D (2015)

Pedagogical Documentation and its links to Children’s Personal, Social, and Emotional Well Being
By Debi Keyte-Hartland (2017)

Documentation: Transforming our Perspectives
By, Melissa Rivard and Stephanie Cox Suarez for the Documentation Studio at Wheelock College (2012)
This video features conversations with leaders from Reggio about the practice of documentation and its role in teaching and learning.

Pedagogical Narration: What’s It’s All About?
By, Kim Atkinson (2012)

Making Learning Visible Through Pedagogical Documentation
Dr. Carol Anne Wien (2016)

Looking Closely at Children: Examples of Learning Stories
By, Tom Drummond (2018)

What makes a Story a Learning Story? 
By, Sarah Felstiner (2017)

Learning to Document in Reggio-Inspired Education
By Early Childhood Research & Practice – …a peer-reviewed multilingual journal on the development, care, and education of young children (2011)

Pedagogical Documentation: Leading Learning in the Early Years and Beyond
By, Government of Ontario, Canada – Ontario Ministry of Education (2012)

British Columbia Early Learning Frameworks
By, Province of British Columbia with contributions from Dr. Laurie Kocher (2007)
This resource includes chapters relating to: Early Learning and Aboriginals Children, Early Learning and Primary Program, Learning Through Play, The Importance of Relationships, and Environments to Support Early Learning.

Accepting the Gift of Time in the Process of Pedagogical Documentation
By Diane Kashin, Ed.D (2016)


Can’t make this training? Hilltop Educator Institute offers full day Study Day to jumpstart reflective thinking, see the work in action, and support your work with children and families.  For groups wanting to bring a particular content focus to their Study Day visit, we offer full day visits where one or two of the following topics can be discussed in greater depth:

  • Pedagogical Documentation
  • Environments for Reflective Practice
  • Responsive Curriculum Planning
  • Family Engagement
  • In-Depth Investigations
  • Anti-Bias Education

In the spirit of dialogue, and practicing the Reggio Emilia value of “learning in relationship,” we invite you to delve into deeper thinking and conversation about this event by sharing your thoughts, questions, or comments below!

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