Strategic Plan

In 2014, Hilltop’s Board of Directors voted to engage in a strategic planning process to build a road map for the next 3-5 years. A committee of current and alumni parents, board members, educators, and administrators was formed to gather input from the community and develop a plan that reflected the vision, mission, and values of the organization. In June 2015, Hilltop’s 3–5-year plan was approved by the board of directors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, our strategic plan has been extended through 2022.

Exceptional Experiences – Preserve and improve programs for children and families through innovative offerings, enduring family engagement, and inspiring environments.

Goal #1:  Enrich experiences for children in alignment with core values and practices.

Goal #2:  Extend the life cycle of family engagement to strengthen the Hilltop community and to advance volunteer, marketing, and fundraising opportunities.

Goal #3:  Evaluate long-term facility needs and implement plans that enhance the experience of children and families at Hilltop.

Outstanding Educators – Inspire excellence by investing in the compensation, professional development, and leadership of early childhood faculty.

Goal #1:  Be an industry leader in providing career compensation for educators.

Goal #2:  Continue to prioritize professional development and work satisfaction.

Goal #3:  Continue to offer opportunities for leadership and advancement for Hilltop faculty.

Diverse Community – Advance diversity, social justice, and partnership within and outside Hilltop.

Goal #1: Expand the diversity of the Hilltop community.

Goal #2:  Support all community members to be compassionate citizens in a diverse world.

Goal #3:  Reach out to, collaborate with, and learn from diverse communities and educators.

Effective Organization – Ensure the sustainability and stewardship of Hilltop’s identity, operations, and resources.

Goal #1:  Achieve consistent recognition of Hilltop’s unique identity within the community.

Goal #2:  Maintain organizational systems to keep pace with the field and the needs of Hilltop families.

Goal #3:  Review and implement financial systems to meet strategic objectives and goals.