Family Engagement

Welcome to Hilltop, where family engagement is at the heart of our educational approach. We believe in fostering a full and equitable partnership among families, educators, providers, and communities to support the development of every child in our program.

In our community, family engagement is not about doing for families but doing with them. We share power and responsibility, building the capacity of both educators and families to co-design instruction and supports for each student. Recognizing families as experts in their children’s education, we prioritize two-way communication and active listening.

At the core of our approach are relationships built on trust, open communication, and the understanding that every family brings unique strengths. We firmly believe that all families are the first and best advocates and teachers for their children.

Our commitment to family engagement extends to promoting equity and success for all. We achieve this by recognizing the diversity of family types, employing a multi-generational lens, and prioritizing cultural and linguistic competency and responsiveness.

Join us on this journey where every family is valued, heard, and empowered to contribute to their child’s educational experience. Together, we create a community where the potential of every learner is unlocked through meaningful family engagement.