Three to Five-Year-Old Pod

Your preschooler is growing up fast, potty-trained, and eager to learn new things. At this age, your child is more coordinated and absorbs a wealth of information every day. Inspired by early childhood theories, our educators approach preschool education with a play-based, child-centered, and reflective teaching practice. We strive to understand what children are passionate about, challenge their thinking, and support their social-emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive growth and development.

Our three to five-year old pod is carefully designed to accommodate full-day and full-year schedules, providing a consistent and enriching environment for children in this age range. We have two pods, each made up of two classrooms, with two primary educators and one dedicated support educator for each room. Additionally, a mentor educator shares responsibility for the two pods, providing guidance and support to ensure a high-quality educational experience.

The day is thoughtfully planned with a variety of hands-on activities that encourage learning and socialization. We place a significant focus on teaching self-awareness and fostering independence by helping your child master their self-help skills.

Our classrooms are designed with these developmental milestones in mind and equipped with age-appropriate, educational toys that inspire curiosity and a desire to learn. We believe children search for significance in life through their explorations and play. Meaningful, purposeful learning experiences are planned and implemented in response to children’s interests, educators’ passions, current events, and seasonal influences. Discussions allow children to explore their theories and delve deeper into their learning. Educator observations underpin the development of projects, ensuring that each child’s learning journey is personalized and meaningful.

We organize and aesthetically set up our environment to be the ‘third teacher,’ providing purposeful play opportunities, whether individually or in small groups. Our program is rich with literacy, numeracy, arts, and active movement activities, embedding these essential elements into daily routines and play.

At Hilltop Children’s Center, we understand that formal teaching begins at school. Our goal is to prepare your child by fostering a love of learning and ensuring they are ready to thrive in their educational journey. In the three to five-year-old pod, we celebrate each child’s unique journey, supporting their growth and independence through a rich and engaging learning environment.