Study Tours

Embark on a transformative learning experience with our Full-Day or Multi-Day Reflective Practice & Emergent Curriculum Training. Beginning in 2024, we are thrilled to offer a hybrid of both virtual and in-person events, ensuring accessibility at an affordable cost. Dive into child-centered and responsive curriculum planning, observe real-life examples, and engage in discussions with educators. Join our Study Tour for a firsthand experience, exploring proven models and conversing with educators from our classrooms. Discover the intricacies of pedagogical documentation, in-depth investigations, and anti-bias education. To visit us or join a Study Tour, email with your preferred dates.

Breakdown of Offerings:

Reflective Practice & Emergent Curriculum Training:

  • Inspiration and practical strategies for working with children and families.
  • Child-centered and responsive curriculum planning derived from children’s interests.
  • Observation of educators and children, with discussions on challenges and experiences.
  • Consideration of the Study Tour for both new and seasoned staff.

Pedagogical Documentation:

  • Understanding how and why to notice and record classroom activities.
  • Shifting from pre-planned, teacher-directed curricula to responsive learning.
  • Strategies for involving families in curriculum planning and progress assessment.

In-Depth Investigations:

  • Development of longer-term studies and research projects inspired by children’s questions and play.
  • Exploration of models for scaffolding in-depth studies, featuring stories from current educators.

Anti-Bias Education:

  • Unpacking complexities of equity and social justice in early childhood classrooms.
  • Responsive and proactive opportunities for developing cultural competence.

Study Tour Details:

  • Express interest by emailing
  • Tour dates selected based on organizational staff availability.
  • Each tour accommodates up to 15 attendees.
  • Detailed exploration of Hilltop’s transformation, observation of reflective practice, and a catered lunchtime conversation with educators.
  • Certificate of participation provided.

Fees for Tours:

  • Group Rate (6-15 attendees): $157.50 per attendee
  • Individual Rate (1-5 attendees): $175 per attendee
  • Returning Rate: $85 per attendee
  • Nearly 50% discount for returning Study Tour participants.

We value relationships and continuous learning, offering discounted rates for returning participants. Email to schedule a visit or inquire about Study Tours. Join us for an enriching experience of exploration and growth.