Drawing inspiration from several early child development theories, our faculty engages in rigorous reflective practice – collaboratively designing the curriculum and environment around the emerging interests and curiosities of the children.

In our organization, relationships are at the heart of everything we do – relationships among children, families, and educators. We design our spaces and programs to foster these relationships, because we believe:

  • that at this time of life, children’s most critical and challenging task is learning how to be in the world with other people
  • that knowledge can be constructed through interactions with others, with materials, and with ideas
  • that the most powerful and interesting learning happens when children are working together, comparing theories and understandings, and challenging each other’s thinking

In everything we do – from how we offer materials to children, to how we partner with families, to how we support educators – we seek intentional opportunities for relationship-building and collaboration.

In our classrooms, emergent curriculum is happening all the time. We pay close attention to children’s questions, passions and interests, to develop both short-term and in-depth investigations that promote children’s learning.


Our centers participants in Early Achiever’s, Washington’s Quality Rating and Improvement System for early learning programs.  As a certified Early Achiever’s facility, we are committed to high quality childcare that fosters nurturing and supportive relationships between adults and children, care and education that meets each student’s individual needs, a safe and well-organized environment, curriculum that supports the development of the whole child, staff professional development, and family engagement and partnerships.