Keep me home if…

At Hilltop, the well-being of our community is our top priority. We partner with King County Public Health and our Nurse Consultant to establish and uphold the latest standards for illness prevention, ensuring a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for every child.

Key Points:

  • Children with specific symptoms are not permitted to remain in care, and families are notified promptly for pick-up.
  • After exclusion, children are readmitted when symptoms resolve, and Public Health guidelines are met.
  • Communication is vital, and we notify families of potential exposure to communicable diseases, providing relevant information.

COVID-19 Expectations:

  • Continuous monitoring of developments and adherence to guidance from Publlic Health.
  • Mask wearing is optional for adults and children inside our centers.
  • Protocols for individuals exposed to COVID-19 at home, with a focus on testing, isolation, and symptom improvement.

Exposed to a Close Contact at Home:

  • Individuals may attend the center with negative daily antigen tests between days 1-5 of exposure, wearing masks. Proof of negative results must be emailed before entry.

We are committed to adapting and implementing necessary changes to maintain a secure environment. Your cooperation and adherence to guidelines contribute to the collective well-being of our community. Thank you for your trust and collaboration.