Ways to grow your skills…

Welcome to Hilltop’s Outreach Program, also known as ‘The Institute.’ We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, growth, equity, and cultural competency within our organization and the wider early childhood education (ECE) community.

Our monthly workshops cater to ECE professionals and families, covering diverse topics related to child development, teaching & parenting, and best practices in the field. The goals of our program are to educate and inspire reflective practices, bring a social justice, equity, & anti-bias lens to our work, and center and honor the leadership of voices of color and other marginalized communities in the ECE field.

Our workshops are facilitated by inspiring and knowledgeable experts, providing transformative and interactive learning experiences. Starting in 2024, we are excited to offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person events at an affordable cost, ensuring accessibility for all. Join us on this journey of learning, growth, and community building!