Faculty and Support Staff

Our core values focus on creating a child-centered environment within a structure of professional and knowledgeable educators, administrators, and leadership. Among these educators we expect the most nurturing and passionate early childhood education enthusiasts! Our educators are not only experienced and nurturing, but they are also passionate and creative with their curriculum design. Our educators are great communicators and enjoy collaborating with their colleagues and the greater ECE community!

Leadership and Administration

Cloud Classroom (Queen Anne) – Infant Educators

Rainbow Classroom (Queen Anne) – Waddler Educators

Raindrop Classroom (Queen Anne) – Toddler Educators

Garden (Queen Anne) and Maple (Fremont) Classrooms – Early Preschool Educators

Mountain, River, Sunlight (Queen Anne) and Oak (Fremont) Classrooms – Preschool Educators

Beach (Queen Anne) and Spruce (Fremont) – Prekindergarten Educators

Ocean (Queen Anne) and Alder, Cedar (Fremont) Classrooms – School Age Educators

Substitutes, Practicum, and Work Study Students