Fundraising and Donations

Join hands with us in creating a lasting impact on the lives of children and our community through the Annual Giving Fund at Hilltop. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to provide exceptional experiences for every child, support educators’ growth, and offer scholarship opportunities to families in need.

Our goals are bold but achievable with your support: 100% participation, $100,000 raised, and 100 donations from family and friends. Your contribution, whether big or small, makes a powerful statement of unity and support.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Give: Contribute to our cause with a donation—every gift counts!
  2. Share: Spread the word! Invite friends and family to support the enriching experiences happening at our centers.
  3. Talk: Engage in conversations about the Annual Giving Fund. Share your experiences and stories about the positive impact on your child(ren).
  4. Volunteer: Be a part of the magic! Whether it’s event planning, envelope stuffing, or simply talking to people, your time is invaluable.
  5. Match: Double or triple the impact of your contribution through matching gifts. Check with your HR department or corporate foundation for donation matching policies.
  6. Enjoy: While the funds are crucial, the heart of the Annual Giving Fund is our community coming together. Have fun, connect with other center families, and share the excitement with your loved ones.

Your support not only helps us thrive but also fosters a sense of togetherness that makes our community truly special. Let’s make a difference, one gift at a time!

Ways to donate:

  1. By Check – Make payable to Hilltop Children’s Center and send to 4 Nickerson St, STE 100, Seattle, WA 98109.
  2. By Credit Card – Donate online at GiveBig – WA Gives Program
  3. By Corporate Matching – Please check with your employer to see if they have a donation-matching program.
  4. By Stocks – Your broker can electronically transfer the gift to our account at TD Ameritrade.
    • TD Ameritrade
      ACCT Name: Hilltop Children’s Center
      ACCT Number: 756-788928

Thank You for your interest in helping our organization! Your contribution will make a very significant positive change in the lives of early childcare educators and the children they care for!