Annual Reports

A collection of annual reports from the past few years which illustrate Hilltop’s direction as well as data surrounding the students and faculty. These reports demonstrate the growth that Hilltop has experienced recently and describe how Hilltop will progress forward


This school year was one of exciting learning, transition, and growth as an organization.


This year has been a wonderful year for the school! We used one of our core values – Leadership in Community – as a thread throughout the year. Our community and organization are more robust as a result of the inspiring leadership we saw from children, families, faculty, and the Board of Directors. 


What an exciting and busy year we’ve had at Hilltop! We are maturing as an organization in the best ways possible. 

2015 - 2016

 This past year was an exciting one, as we focused on our value of Emergent Curriculum throughout the year, entered into the first year of our strategic plan, and continued to build systems to support exceptional early childhood education for children.