Persistent Prekindergartners – Half Day

Energetic, enthusiastic, and curious, Prekindergarten children are between the ages of three and five years old who are ready to follow a traditional school year calendar. The classrooms run 6 hours a day (half-day) and are closed any time the school district is closed, including winter, mid-winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Our Prekindergartners are establishing self-confidence and positive attitudes toward learning. Educators are the catalyst to encourage extended learning opportunities. Children need learning experiences where they can succeed and yet be challenged. Educators strive to guide children to enjoy the process of learning.

Our emergent curriculum addresses learning in all the developmental areas. Cognitive growth that enhances intellectual development is included in our classrooms and runs through all our daily activities in language, math, science, and critical thinking skills. Social development helps build lasting friendships and refined social behavior. Emotional growth is the foundation of self-confidence and socialization skills.

Stories from the Spruce Classroom: Our Educator’s Vision…

Our classroom is a half-day Seattle Preschool Program classroom serving children from three to five years of age. We provide a calm, intentional, sensory-rich learning environment. We allow children the freedom to explore and build on their discoveries using emergent curriculum crafted to fit each unique group. We emphasize social and emotional learning and encourage children to look outward as we take daily excursions through Fremont and the surrounding neighborhoods.

While we bring the values of our children’s families into the classroom, we also come into the year emphasizing, PatiencePermissionSecurityBelongingHumanityGenuineness, and Reciprocal Altruism.