Energetic Early Preschoolers

In the dynamic world of the early preschool, your two-year-old is at the heart of a tailored learning experience. As their language blossoms and exploration expands, we prioritize a balanced routine and flexibility to cater to their unique developmental needs. With a focus on creating a nurturing, home-like environment, your child’s primary educator treats them as a capable individual, respecting and valuing their opinions, actions, and thoughts.

Our emergent learning curriculum is a vibrant tapestry of experiences, encompassing math, science, language, drama, and music to stimulate the whole child. Rapid language development is met with enthusiasm as we seize the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, all while fostering imagination through the joy of play. In the Energetic Early Preschool, every day is an adventure of growth, exploration, and the boundless possibilities of learning through play.

Our Educators’ Vision of the Alder Classroom at Fremont:

The Alder Classroom is a dynamic space where children are encouraged to challenge their skills, embrace curiosity, and foster independence. With caring attention and empathetic language modeling, our educators support individual artistic expression. Beyond the classroom, our goals extend to acclimating children to the school environment, nurturing joyful learning, and providing self-regulation tools. In this socialization hub, children quickly develop social skills, guided by a consistent daily routine that instills confidence. Rooted in an emergent curriculum, our intentional learning environment reflects each child’s interests, creating designated spaces for motor, cognitive, literacy, language, and social-emotional development. Stepping into Alder, you witness a personalized space where children’s names, artwork, and interests affirm their sense of belonging.

Early Preschool Primary – Sarah
Early Preschool Primary – Caitlin
Program Support – Serenity

Our Educators’ Vision for the Raindrop Classroom at Queen Anne:

Step into the Raindrop Room, where kindness, joy, and integrity form the bedrock of our vibrant community. In this nurturing space, we embody an inquisitive and playful spirit, fostering an environment where curiosity thrives. Meeting children and families where they are is our commitment, ensuring a personalized and supportive journey. Our dedication extends to continuous growth, aligning with children’s development and integrating current research and evidence-based practices into our approach. The Raindrop Room is not just a space; it’s a celebration of values, a haven of curiosity, and a promise to grow and learn alongside every child and family. Welcome to a place where kindness, joy, and integrity guide our collective journey of discovery and growth.

Early Preschool Primary – Leah
Early Preschool Primary – Rebecca
Program Support – Tia

Our Educators’ Vision for the Mountain Classroom at Queen Anne:

Enter the Mountain Room, where the values of approaching situations with grace, embracing risk-taking, and fostering a safe space for emotions and bodies shape our unique community. In this nurturing environment, judgment is left behind, replaced by a commitment to promoting confidence among children, teachers, and families alike. Intentional listening becomes the cornerstone of our interactions, creating a supportive atmosphere where every voice is heard. The Mountain Room is a haven where grace guides our actions, risk-taking is celebrated, and emotions find a safe home. Welcome to a space where values come to life, creating a mountainous landscape of understanding, confidence, and intentional connection.

Early Preschool Primary – Whitney
Early Preschool Primary – Andrew
Program Support – Erin