Tinkering Toddlers

In the world of toddlers, positive role models play a vital role in shaping their early experiences. We understand that toddlers often mirror the play and behaviors of those around them, and as they embark on the journey of asserting their independence with the enthusiastic declaration of “me do it,” our educators stand as patient and energetic guides. With a keen eye for teachable moments, our dedicated team stimulates each toddler’s natural curiosity through engaging conversations and meaningful interactions. They play a pivotal role in fostering appropriate emotional and social behaviors, exemplifying kindness and instilling a sense of responsibility. As toddlers take on small responsibilities, such as helping tidy up toys or passing out snacks, they are laying the groundwork for personal responsibility and cultivating a positive self-image. In the Tinkering Toddlers space, our educators are not just caregivers; they are mentors, influencers, and champions of each toddler’s journey towards becoming a confident and capable individual.

Our Educators’ Vision of the Sparrow Classroom at Downtown:

Robin’s team is guided by the values of community and empathy. Our teaching team is committed to providing children with the opportunity to explore and discover the world, by supporting them with growing confidence in exercising their self-help skills, independence and problem solving. At this age, young toddlers are transitioning from infant to being a full fledge toddler! There’s so much to see and experience, and our environment is intentionally set up to welcome and nurture children’s natural disposition for inquiry and play base learning acquisition. Our goal is to foster an environment where children engage in deep thinking and find joy with age-appropriate activities and materials that inspire literacy, storytelling, emotional wellbeing and motor skills.  

Toddler Primary – Nzinga
Program Support – Lyndia







Our Educators’ Vision of the Maple Classroom at Fremont:

The Maple room team is passionate about learning the individuality of each child, and providing positive learning that supports them in each area of growth. As a play-based center, and specifically when teaching 1-year olds, we believe that any moment can be a teaching moment, and we are always hands-on providing fun activities for children to grow and experiment. At this age children are learning their senses, as well as developing a sense of self and others. We target our teaching to meet each child where they are in their development. We are committed to partnerships with our families and believe in the importance of working together to provide consistent care, and opportunities to give feedback, answer questions and work together to ensure families and children have a positive experience. Our days are filled with learning about children’s emergent interests, allowing us to create a space where they can learn, express, and grow their interests. We are always supporting their independence and helping them find new ways to express those needs.   

Toddler Primary – Jaisa
Toddler Primary – Sophia
Program Support – Serenity








Our Educators’ Vision of the Garden Classroom at Queen Anne:

Enter the enchanting Garden Room, where the essence of belonging, responsibility, curiosity, and playfulness blossoms in every interaction. We cultivate these values by wholeheartedly embracing silliness, recognizing the importance of laughter and joy in the learning process. Trusting in children’s capabilities, we reciprocate their curiosity with open arms, nurturing a sense of responsibility and independence. In the Garden Room, emotional expression is a treasured aspect of each child’s journey, and we create a safe haven for them to explore and express their feelings. Through modeling respectful communication, we plant seeds of positive interaction, fostering a community where every child feels a strong sense of belonging. Welcome to a Garden Room where silliness, trust, and respect intertwine, creating a flourishing environment for growth and playful exploration.

Toddler Primary – Geneva
Toddler Primary – Megan
Program Support – Molly

Our Educators’ Vision of the Rainbow Classroom at Queen Anne:

Step into the vibrant Rainbow Room, where the core values of agency, joy, and collaboration paint the canvas of our learning space. Here, we celebrate and honor these values by placing a high priority on respecting children’s bodily autonomy and agency, providing ample opportunities for them to make choices and express their needs. Every moment is an opportunity for joyful exploration, and we actively document these moments, cherishing the unique experiences shared with each child. In our commitment to being present, we not only teach but also model the beauty of teamwork, fostering collaboration among children and with them. Our aim is to maintain open involvement, creating a community where children and families are valued partners in the colorful journey of the Rainbow Room. Welcome to a space where agency, joy, and collaboration form the foundation for meaningful learning and shared moments of delight.

Toddler Primary – Mindy
Toddler Primary – Syd
Program Support – Tia