Tinkering Toddlers

The curriculum in Raindrop provides stimulation our Toddlers need, with lots of opportunities for exploration in a safe environment. They have the time to ponder how things work or to test their fine motor skills as they scribble artwork or build sandcastles in the sandbox.

Positive role models are important for toddlers. Many times, their “pretend” play emulates those around them. Toddlers are striving to be self-reliant and as they assert their growing independence (“me do it”) they count on the understanding and attentiveness of the adults in their lives. Our educators are energetic, patient and enthusiastic about children and the learning process. They look for teachable moments. They stimulate each child’s natural curiosity through engaged conversations and meaningful interactions. Educators guide children in appropriate emotional and social behaviors and role model kindness and a sense of responsibility. They also play a critical role in the toddler’s developing self-image as a competent human being. Toddlers love the little responsibilities of helping educators put away toys or passing out snack. These skills are the beginning of developing personal responsibility and feelings of self-worth.

Stories from the Raindrop Classroom: Our Educators’ Vision…

Our teaching team is dedicated to getting to know each child and to providing them with a safe and nurturing classroom environment. We believe in having fun, exploring, and experimenting together every day! We engage children through offering them hands-on, play-based learning opportunities to spark their curiosity and creativity.

We respect each child as an individual who has unique strengths and challenges and who is a valued member of our community.  We are dedicated to partnering with our families and providing consistent and clear communication. We welcome our families to share feedback, ask questions, and participate in our classroom activities and projects.