Inquisitive Infants

In each of our infant spaces, curiosity takes center stage, and every tiny explorer is on a journey of discovery. Our environment is a canvas for wonder, designed to ignite the natural inquisitiveness of infants. We believe in fostering a sense of joy in learning through engaging experiences, where each baby is encouraged to explore, question, and make sense of the world around them. Our attentive and responsive caregivers are dedicated to creating a warm and secure atmosphere, ensuring that every inquisitive mind feels supported on their exciting voyage of early exploration. Welcome to a place where curiosity is celebrated, and the foundation for a lifelong love of learning is joyfully laid in the hearts of our Inquisitive Infants.

Our Educator’s Vision in the Chickadee Classroom at Downtown:

The Chickadee classroom believes in empowering infants to construct their understanding of the world through personal agency, fostering a lifelong love of learning. We prioritize a sense of ownership, predictability, and safety through kind and responsive adult relationships. Our environment, considered the third teacher, is designed for natural learning opportunities, promoting cognitive growth with a balance of organization and warmth. Soft neutral colors and lighting create an inviting and cozy atmosphere, aiding emotional regulation. Materials are accessible, organized, and displayed to encourage self-initiated activities with open-ended items. We value free independent exploration for confidence-building and self-driven problem-solving challenges. As educators, we act as guides, scaffolding individual growth by observing exploration, using provocations to inspire and extend interests. We bring diverse perspectives through bias-aware books and encourage physical and cognitive challenges across multiple learning areas.

Infant Primary – Andy
Infant Primary – Elle
Program Support – Lyndia

Our Educators’ Vision in the Cloud Classroom at Queen Anne:

In the Cloud Room, we wholeheartedly embrace the values of belonging, compassion, and empowerment. Our commitment to authentic communication and intentional interactions fosters a sense of unity and trust, creating a space where every voice is heard. We deeply respect children’s fundamental rights, guiding them on a journey towards agency and self-empowerment. In our room, relationships are the cornerstone, and through purposeful engagement with children and families, we nurture an environment where belonging is felt, compassion is shared, and every child is empowered to shape their unique learning experiences. Welcome to a haven of growth, understanding, and joyous collective journeys in the Cloud Room.

Infant Primary – Jaimie
Program Support – Molly