Faraday (she/her)

Faraday was born and raised in Iran where she went to school at the University of Tehran for social studies. She moved to America when she was 25 and had two children in Shoreline, Washington. There, she studied at a local college before attending the University of Washington to get her bachelor’s in teaching. Faraday applied her education in different settings and students until she found her passion in teaching young children. Now, she is coming on her fifth year of working with young children and her second year at Hilltop Children Center.

Faraday’s excellence can be attributed to her love for young learners and her joy when creating a productive learning environment. She can effectively instill the necessary skills of being a part of a social atmosphere because of her own very diverse and collective upbringing. Despite all the challenges of living in an uncertain world right now, Faraday is certain that with skilled educators and enthusiastic children, they can create a successful year.

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