My name is Elizabeth Dawson (Ellie), and I’m a proud Pacific Northwesterner! Although I’m originally from Portland, OR, I’ve enjoyed living in Seattle on and off for the past eight years. Throughout my career as an educator, I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching two-year-olds, fifth graders, and many ages in between. I have a master’s degree in teaching and a second master’s in educational leadership. I have worked as a preschool teacher at Hilltop for a total of seven years, where I’ve developed a passion for emergent curriculum, Reggio inspired education, and building relationships with teachers, children, and families. I feel so excited to move into a mentoring role for the 2021-2022 school year. When I’m not at Hilltop, I enjoy spending time with my husband Jason and daughter Elsie Joy, rooting hard for the Seahawks on Sundays, and listening to the waves on any beach I can get to on a regular basis. Looking forward to a wonderful year as the Fremont Mentor Educator!