I was born in Montana but raised in the Pacific Northwest which is where I
feel most at home. I recently moved back from Bozeman, MT where I am a recent graduate
from Montana State University. I got my B.A. in Liberal Studies focusing on Global and
Multicultural Studies and a double minor in Native American Studies and Hispanic Studies.
Understanding cultural backgrounds and experiences is something I am very interested in
learning when it comes to others. New to Hilltop, I am the support educator, working with infants
and young toddlers. I have worked with young children, ages 2 to 5, briefly before getting the
opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge in this current role. I am very happy getting
to work with such an experienced team in the Raindrop/rainbow unit. Outside of work I enjoy
beading earrings and creating jewelry as a therapeutic hobby, but also as a way to connect with
my culture. As a former Barista, I also love making espresso drinks just as much as I love
exploring places to drink it!