This space has been created for educators, leadership / administrator teams, parents, city officials, youth advocates and attendees of “Talk to Children Like People: Seeking Equity Through Language Rich Classrooms” as a forum for sharing experiences and reflections as they work through these resources. On this page, we invite and encourage you to share your experiences and reflections, ideas and insights and engage with others to create classroom environments where children are exposed to high quality language in varying forms.

While these resources are intended to offer a foundation on the subject of language rich classrooms, our list is not intended to be exhaustive and we welcome suggestions to other potential resources.

With our next event on April 7th, 2018 titled “Talk to Children Like People: Seeking Equity Through Language-Rich Classrooms” along with both the provided and suggested resources on this page, we hope readers will not limit themselves to teaching colors, letters and shapes. But instead, create a classroom in which adults share their experiences, ideas, and feelings with children throughout the day.



Author and Human Development Specialist, Michael Gramling

Equity Through Language-Rich Classrooms Resources

Mar 20, 2018

Readings and Videos

The Great Disconnect in Early Childhood Education: What We Know vs. What We Do
By, Michael Gramling (2015)

12 Steps to Creating a Language Rich Environment
By, Genia Connell (2014)

Redefining Parent Engagement
By Margie Carter and Mary Jo Deck (2015)

Creating Language-Rich Preschool Classroom Environments
By Laura M. Justice (2004)

Support Oral Language Development in a Language Rich Environment
By Eastern Connecticut State University (2015) Video

Create a Language-Rich Environment for Your Students
By National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance (2015)

Supporting Language: Culturally Rich Dramatic Play
By NAEYC (2018)

Speaking in Tongues
By Jill (2017)

Can’t make this workshop?  Hilltop Educator Institute offers day Study Day to jumpstart reflective thinking, see the work in action, and support your work with children and families.  For groups wanting to bring a particular content focus to their Study Day visit, we offer full day visits where one or two of the following topics can be discussed in greater depth:

  • Pedagogical Documentation
  • Environments for Reflective Practice
  • Responsive Curriculum Planning
  • Family Engagement
  • In-Depth Investigations
  • Anti-Bias Education

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In the spirit of dialogue, and practicing the Reggio Emilia value of “learning in relationship,” we invite you to delve into deeper thinking and conversation about this event by sharing your thoughts, questions, or comments below!



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