Darline – Executive Director

Professional Experience:
Started at Hilltop: 2019
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

As the executive director of our childcare organization, my mission is to provide quality care in a safe and nurturing environment, fostering the holistic growth of each unique child. I believe in treating every child as an individual, guiding them through various stages of development and building them up along the way. Families are crucial partners, and I aim to build and maintain trust by being professional, dependable, honest, and, above all, caring.

I recognize the diversity among our staff members, each bringing unique needs, interests, skills, knowledge, and experiences. My goal is to encourage teamwork, motivating and supporting each staff member, fostering a positive team environment. When our staff feels valued and included, they, in turn, provide more supportive roles for the children and their families.

As a college professor in early childhood education, my mission aligns with providing a supportive learning environment that mirrors the values of our childcare organization. I believe in leading by example, demonstrating the importance of individualized care, collaboration, and professionalism. Through this approach, I aim to inspire the next generation of early childhood educators to embrace diversity, prioritize the well-being of each child, and build strong connections with families.