Andy – Primary Educator

Professional Experience: 24 years
Started at Hilltop: 2021
Languages Spoken: English
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her


My vision is for families to feel a sense of trust, knowing that their child is happy, and safe, while engaging in enriching learning experiences that will set a foundation for learning and carry on with them to their next stage in development and beyond.

Mission –

To support this vision, relationships are at the forefront. Children take an active role in constructing their own knowledge and understanding of the world through personal agency, in connection to their environment and alongside others. The environment feels safe for every child, having built trust through adult relationships that are kind and responsive. This allows them to begin to build autonomy, self-efficacy, and a positive self-view within their classroom community. When children observe fairness, feel secure setting personal boundaries, and experience belonging, they are learning to exist and recognize a community that is multi-faceted and diverse.