I have been an educator at Hilltop for the last 8 years and am excited to take on a new role as Project Coordinator starting this fall. My time here began in the River room and I have grown tremendously as an educator and a person from my time and experiences here. I have worked in this field for over 15 years and feel fortunate to be in a program that is truly emergent, child-centered and strives to removes barriers to access high quality care for children in their most formative years. I am grateful to be at a school where I am encouraged and supported in becoming a more reflective educator and strong advocate for children and families. I am inspired by the work children do and the curiosity that drives their learning and development. Children are interesting and hilarious people and have so much to teach adults about being present, engaged and open to new experiences and challenges. In my free time, I enjoy tending to my growing indoor plant collection, kayaking, going on urban and nature hikes, cooking, and getting creative and crafty with painting, sewing and building (very simple) furniture.

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