Your Legacy Lives On…

How would you like to outlive your life? How would you like to outgive your life? Ordinary people from all walks of life, incomes levels, and professions, who possess an indelible love of life and concern for others, have done extraordinary deeds that go beyond their breath on this earth. Imagine the impact on one life, one family, and the entire future of a generation and nation if each one of us remembered a favorite charity or cause in our will or estate plan.

Make your mark and maximize your life by making a bequest to Hilltop Children’s Center. Leave a legacy and give a gift that keeps giving.

Here are some ways that you can remember us in your will:

  • Fixed Amount: I give the sum of $_____ to Hilltop Children’s Center.
  • Specific Property: I give my ______ to Hilltop Children’s Center.
  • Percentage of Remainder: I give ___% of the remainder of my estate to Hilltop Children’s Center.
  • Contingency: In the event _____ does not survive me, I give _____ to Hilltop Children’s Center.

These are only some of the ways you can leave a legacy. Be sure to consult your attorney about your gift. If you have specific questions or need assistance, contact us.