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Communities Voices offers you the opportunity to listen to experts from across the world. In these video interviews, you’ll hear from college professors, ECE professionals, mental health specialists, scientists and more. Join us as we hear advice, information, tips, and strategies on the issues affecting our industry today!

KidsQuest Children’s Museum

Nurturing Innovation and Creativity with STEAM 


HomeQuest: Learn with KQCM Educators
Click Here for their Youtube Channel

HomeQuest: Learn with KQCM Educators
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Hilltop Children’s Center

Supporting Children’s Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning at Home


Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Resolution
Click Here for a break down of “The Pinch Theory”

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University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Science (I-LABS)

Mitigating Pandemic Fallout on Developing Brains

The Science of Child Development
Click Here for their Learning Modules

Finding_Math: Learn at home with ILABS
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Childhood Years

Preserving Culture Through Education: Original Thinking in Unusual Times

Childhood Years
Click Here for their Learning Modules

YouTube Channel
Click Here for her Youtube Page

Pacific Primary

Schemas to Teach, Reflect, and Evolve

Teaching Preschoolers about Segregation
Click Here for a NAEYC Blog written by Nadia

Early Childhood Webinar
Click Here for past and upcoming sessions feat. Nadia

Northwestern & The D.I.C.E (Development of Identities in Cultural Environments) Lab

Rupturing Gender Stereotypes and Notions of Blackness 


The Dice Lab:
Development of Identites in Cultural Environments

CNN Article
Talk to Kids about Racism

Hand in Hand: Domestic Employer Network

Supporting Those Who Supports Us

Doris Garcia (she/they)
Jennifer Molina (she/her)
Dana Barnett (she/her)

The Forgotten Part of the Childcare Industry

FAQs on how to support
Click Here for Resources, Ideas, FAQs, and Best Practices

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