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Napcast is a podcast designed to help you learn on the go, hear another perspective, spark debate, agree incessantly, and honestly, remind you that you’re not alone. We live in a complex world, so allow us to challenge your orientation with words, thoughts, advice, and the perspective of two males of color. 

Meet the Hosts

Nick Terrones (he/him) is an Educator at Hilltop Children’s Center where he has worked with toddlers for the last 10+ years implementing Anti-Bias Curriculum. He’s a Los Angeles raised Mexican-Native-American with a passion for equity, plants, the ukulele, and raising awareness to the need of a gender-balanced workforce in ECE. 

Mike Browne (he/him) is the Community Engagement Manager for Hilltop Educator Institute. He’s a New York raised, Afro-Caribbean, former collegiate athlete, working towards dismantling White Supremacy and forms of oppression in our society. 

Episode 1

Finding Strength Amidst COVID19
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In this episode, we discuss self-care for ourselves as adults, ways to stay connected to the kids you serve, and what we have done to distill down big information to young children about big, scary topics and more. Join us for our inaugural episode!

Episode 4

We’re More Than Just Educators
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We’re researchers when we observe. Party planners when we introduce new cultures and celebrations into the classrooms. Activists when we challenge each other’s biases. And so much more! On paper it might say educator but we’re so much more…

Episode 2

Deathmetal & Toddlers
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We invite children to be vulnerable but what about us? What about our identities? How do we give ourselves space, grace, and room to be our authentic selves? And also… What’s the connection between deathmetal and toddlers? 

Episode 3

La Revolución
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At Hilltop, we’re empowering young learners to fundamentally change the way we govern, lead, and live in community. Sounds radical? Well yeah! Education and learning should be. Join us as we discuss social activism in young children. 

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