Inquiry Visit

Join us for a multi-day visit to Hilltop to see child-centered and reflective practice in action, explore proven models for supporting responsive curriculum in your own programs, and talk directly with program leaders and educators from Hilltop’s classrooms.  Participants will discuss practical strategies for supporting educators and developing structures that enhance reflection and uphold program values.

Discover organizational systems and administrative practices that can bring your own program values to life:

  • Explore school-wide systems that can support child-centered and responsive curriculum planning, by enabling educators to observe, reflect on, and develop play-based learning opportunities with one another.
  • Take a peek behind the scenes, meet with Hilltop’s Mentor Teachers and Administrators, and hear directly from educators about their strategies for facilitating reflective pedagogy.  
  • Attend with partners and stakeholders from your program – Mentors, Funders, Educators, and Parents – so you can leave with concrete plans for values-based organizational growth. 

Inquiry Visit is a customized one-on-one opportunity for your organization to specifically project/problem solve how this work could be applied in their own organization’s context.  If you are looking for Study Days, please click here

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Inquiry Visit is charged at a hourly rate and a per-participant food/materials fee.  Prices varies and are adjusted based on specific objectives of each organization and total number of participants but prices generally start at $2000 for a two-day visit.  For a detailed quote, contact us directly.

Hilltop Inquiry Visits Include:

  • Close study and discussion of effective Structures for Reflection (Mentoring, Team Meetings, Planning Time, and more) and values-based Administrative Practices (Hiring, Orientation, Professional Development, and Performance Reviews)
  • The story of Hilltop’s transformation from a small neighborhood preschool, to a respected model for authentic child-centered early learning
  • Time to explore practical strategies for observing, reflecting on, and building curriculum from the interests and needs of children
  • An introduction to Pedagogical Documentation, an approach to recording and tracking children’s growth that enables teachers to both reflect on and develop curriculum directly from children’s play
  • Real life examples of successful long-term project work with young children, demonstrating a variety of styles and approaches
  • Opportunities to consider classroom practices in your program, and add your experience to the dialogue about successful strategies, on-going challenges, and deep intentions for our work with children and families
  • Catered lunchtime conversations with Hilltop educators and program leaders, offering the opportunity to share your questions, struggles, and wonderings with other early learning professionals

Request a Hilltop Inquiry Visit Date for Your Group

Email us at to be contacted about setting up a Hilltop Inquiry Visit for your group of 6-15* and receive 10% off your group’s registration fees. If you have 5 or less in your group, contact us and let’s discuss other options. Please make sure to include possible dates, hotel recommendations if you’re coming from afar, and the tentative number of participants you plan to bring.

*Inquiry Visit dates will be selected based on availability of Hilltop Institute Staff. Once a date is selected, the event will be added to the list of upcoming Inquiry Visits on our website. Additional participants from other schools may register to attend the event, up to 15 attendees.

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