Volunteer Opportunities

** Due to COVID-19, we are not accepting volunteers at this time **

Volunteers are critical to the success of Hilltop Children’s Center. Volunteers can be family members of enrolled children; community members; or professionals and non-professionals.

For families of enrolled children, please let your child’s primary educator know you are interested in volunteering. You will need to complete a portable background check through the Department of Child, Youth, and Families (DCYF).

About Volunteers

  • All volunteers are considered early learning providers that are not to be left alone with children and must be under the supervision of program staff at all times. WAC 110-300-0005
  • All volunteers in licensed early learning programs must be 14 years of age or older. WAC 110-300-0100(10)
    • If under the age of 18, volunteers must have written permission from their parent or guardian. WAC 110-300-0100(10)
  • Some volunteers must have the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine or proof of immunity. To learn more about this requirement, read the update on House Bill 1638.
    • Centers: All volunteer types in licensed child care centers are required to provide immunization records indicating that they have received the MMR vaccine or have proof of immunity.

Ongoing Volunteers and Occasional Volunteers

Licensed programs determine the type of volunteer they are allowing into their program and the volunteer must meet the requirements as listed below.

Ongoing Volunteers

  •  Ongoing volunteers must be under the continuous oversight of a primary educator, program supervisor, or other administrator.
  • Ongoing volunteers can count in ratio when all the requirements below are met:

Occasional Volunteers

  • Occasional volunteers must be under the continuous oversight of a primary educator, program supervisor, or other administrator.
  • Occasional volunteers do not count in ratio.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Classroom or Community Studio:

You can become a volunteer in the center and assist with classroom activities or in our community studio, upkeep and renovation of centers, playground and other similar tasks.  In addition, while volunteering, you can learn more about child development training and potential employment opportunities.  Volunteers may choose to give a few hours of time each month, a few hours of time each day or may volunteer every week.

Office Assistant:

We are always  looking for extra hands to help us in our administrative office with such things as making copies,  laminating,  assembling packets, assisting with mailings and many other projects.

Interested? Contact Us: