Empowering Educators in Building the Power of Early Childhood Education.

Hilltop Children’s Center has a mission to transform Early Childhood Education, and Hilltop supports and encourages faculty to engage in activities that bring Hilltop’s values and stories beyond the walls of our centers. Our Hilltop Educator Institute and the Communities of Practice are designed to create opportunities and supports for doing these kinds of outreach work.  

The supports available through our Institute and the Communities of Practice are also intended to encourage work/life balance by providing paid time during the workweek to do outreach activities, whenever possible, as well as additional pay if beyond the workweek for faculty members participating in outreach activities.  

Hilltop is also committed to supporting outreach work that doesn’t easily fit into those usual structures, and encouraging faculty members to share their expertise with other professionals. Much of the time, this work can be coordinated through our organization, and faculty members can take advantage of all the supports available here. However, if there are opportunities for external work that don’t fit well within those systems, faculty should still pursue that work.

Sr. Faculty Engagement Manager

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