Ways to Give: Supporting Hilltop

How YOU can support Hilltop!

As a non-profit organization, Hilltop fundraises to help cover the gap between program revenue and our operating budget to provide high-quality early childhood education. We raise money through a variety of modalities including Hilltop’s Annual Giving campaign, GiveBig in May, GivingTuesday on Dec.1, and other smaller campaigns throughout the year. Our largest bucket of support comes via individual giving from current and former families.

The money we raise directly supports our classroom programming, our tuition assistance program, one time improvement projects, and faculty professional growth and development. Gifts from members of our community – current families, extended family members, friends, faculty, and community partners – ensure that every child can participate in the Hilltop experience, and that every child’s experience at Hilltop is of high quality.

Generous contributions of time and money affirm our shared commitment to providing extraordinary learning opportunities for our children today and for years to come.

We offer a variety of ways to give that allow you to engage and support our organization that is comfortable for you and your family.

Current Campaigns:

End of Year/Giving Tuesday Campaign



Ways to Give:

Employer Matching Programs
Maximize your gift by utilizing your employer matching funds program
Recurring Gifts
Easily setup monthly recurring gifts with automatic payments
Stock Donations

Contribute securities from your portfolio to our brokerage account.

Stock can be gifted to Hilltop Children’s Center in one of two ways: either via electronic transfer or by physically mailing paper certificates to Hilltop Children’s Center. Either method is accepted, but it is necessary for you to contact your broker to initiate the transfer.

If sending electronically:
Your broker can electronically transfer the gift to our account at TD Ameritrade.
TD Ameritrade
ACCT Name: Hilltop Children’s Center
ACCT Number: 756-788928

If sending by registered mail:
Please contact us for specific instructions on transferring your stock.

Please note, it is important that you (or your broker) alert Hilltop Children’s Center via PHONE (206-283-3100) or E-MAIL (finance.department@hilltopcc.org) that the gift is being transferred to our account, as the stock will arrive without identification. Please include a mailing address where we can send a tax receipt. For tax purposes Hilltop’s Tax ID or EIN # is 91-0894463.

In-Kind Donations
Needs range from technology updates to gift donations for our upcoming virtual events
Planned Giving
Including Hilltop in estate planning enables your legacy of support to reach the next generation of Hilltoppers
Donor Advised Funds
Choosing Hilltop to receive donations from your fund allows you to choose to give where your investment will make the most impact
Institute Sponsorships
Did you know Hilltop Educator Institute will be hosting the Learning Stories Conference 2021? We are looking for additional sponsors to help offset the cost of hosting for our organization and would love to partner with your company! Contact Mike Browne (Hilltop’s Institute and Community Engagement Manager) for further details regarding sponsorship types and levels.
Shopping Local: PCC, Amazon, and Bartells


If you use the PCC Scrip card (a reusable, refillable card) to pay for your PCC purchases, it costs you nothing extra and they donate a percentage of every total to Hilltop. To order a scrip card, email Hilltop’s Finance Department

Amazon Smile

Not only can you buy just about anything on Amazon, but you can also help Hilltop without any additional cost to you! Sign in under Amazon Smile when you are shopping on Amazon and choose Seattle Institute for Early Child Education (Hilltop’s official name) as your favorite charitable organization. For every purchase you make, Amazon will donate a percentage to Hilltop.


Bartell’s “B Caring Program” donates a part of your purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. By signing up for a B Caring Card part of your purchase price is donated to Hilltop (listed as Seattle Institute for Early Childhood Development Inc.) at no expense to you.


Each month, we’ll profile a Hilltop donor to share their experience with our organization. This month: Diane and Dan Dettling

Tell us how you first got involved with Hilltop?
Our oldest daughter started attending in 2017

What’s your first memory of Hilltop? We had received a call from Hannah about an open spot to start the following week. I brought my daughter in, somewhat hesitantly, not really remembering many of the details of the tour we had taken a year prior. I was worried about how she would fit in in a classroom of kids who already knew each other, but we walked in the room and everyone immediately stopped and very excitedly, welcomed us to the classroom. She joined right in and didn’t want to leave that day or any day after.

What has surprised you most about supporting or being involved with Hilltop? What has surprised us the most about hilltop is how well they incorporate diversity and inclusion curriculum into their day to day activities.  Sometimes as parents we think that preschoolers are not ready for certain conversations, but Hilltop has done an amazing job teaching our children about ideas around empathy, equity, and celebrating the differences we all have.

What do you find most challenging about donating? That there are so many great organizations to donate to, and we struggle to find the right balance. In order to really move the needle with any of the organizations we need a large collective effort.

When you last made a donation, how did that make you feel?  Great!  There is nothing better than being able to help a mission that you truly believe in and that you get to see evolve and grow right before your eyes.

If you could change one thing about Hilltop, what would it be? I wish there could be sliding scale tuition in order to provide more kids the opportunity to attend.

Why are you supporting HIlltop opposed to other organizations? Our family has had an amazing experience at HIlltop, and want other families to experience the same thing.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while supporting Hilltop? We’ve met a variety of families, different cultures and lifestyles, that really help Seattle feel like a smaller community. We’ve met families that are neighbors. Parents and teachers that have become good friends. Our kids have met some of their very best friends.

Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to support Hilltop? We recently donated to the scholarship for families in need in honor of Nick Terrones, a LONG TIME educator who recently left HIlltop for a new opportunity. I hope every toddler gets to experience a Teacher Nicky in their lives. I don’t know many adults who will encourage and willingly participate in toddler rough housing one minute, and then be there to sing Frozen songs and be a shoulder to cry on the next. It’s really the team of all the wonderful educators that create this special environment that makes Hilltop a place that we support.

What might (someone) be surprised to know about you and your family?  How very ordinary we are… Seriously, we are just an average family living in the time of COVID. We spend a lot of time at home, baking sourdough, binge watching Netflix, debating every single type of family pet imaginable, and playing Just Dance.

Ready to get involved or have questions?
Email our Development Team!