Supplies and Materials Go a Long Way…

Your support is invaluable to Hilltop Children’s Center, and your donations of clothing, school supplies, household items, and more offer relief, sustenance, and hope to those in need. Contributing goods is a direct way to serve families in your community.

We welcome nonmonetary contributions, such as:

  • New or in good usable condition clothing and household items.
  • School supplies, including paper, notebooks, poster board, construction paper, glue, calculators, scissors, backpacks, laptops, computers, etc.

If you have goods that you want to donate, please contact or drop off items to one of our centers.

Amazon Wish Lists

Each year, our classroom educators put together a wish lists of supplies and materials they desire for their classrooms outside of their monthly budget. If you are interested in supporting your child’s classroom, consider purchasing something from their classroom wish list:

Fremont Classrooms:

Queen Anne Classrooms: