Jacob L- mask

Hello everyone, I’m Jacob! Well, the other Jacob. The old Jacob, or Jakey Baby, if you prefer. I first joined Hilltop as a substitute in 2009 and make a habit of leaving and returning. I guess it’s part of my community for life. During my time here I have been on-site substitute, support educator, Spanish teacher, and lead educator. I work hard to foster the ideas of compassion and justice in young children and encourage them to be joyful upstanders at every stage of their lives. Their ability to live in the moment, their perspectives, and their unflinching breakdowns on the absurdity of adult life make the teaching experience a two-way street.
I am a life-long resident of the Seattle area. I garden, play multiple instruments, ride bicycles, collect books, attempt to channel a righteous anger, screenprint, sew, organize mutual aid, cook messily, climb trees, and stay up too late. I have a degree in Psychology from Antioch University and am constantly on the lookout for new ways to educate myself.