Welcome to Saturday Seminars! Saturday Seminars are monthly 75-90 minute online workshops that spotlight the impact of sharing children’s learning, offered by storytellers from different communities across North America. Designed as lead-up to the Learning Stories Conference, a capacity-building initiative to empower adults working with and on behalf of children and families to transform how we approach our work through the art of storytelling, these monthly seminars are designed for those

  1. Seeking thought-partners around Learning Stories, Documentation, pedagogical narration, storytelling and Reflective Pedagogy
  2. Engaging in self-isolation during this difficult time and would like to have a larger community to learn in relationship with
  3. Who are looking for ways to continue to sharpen their tools and skill sets
  4. Wanting to connect or care about this topic / interested in finding a different way to support children and their families
  5. Who are curious about the Learning Stories philosophy, how to write and use Learning Stories, or how to combine them with other assessment tools and practices

Join this ongoing conversation on ways we can build resilience in our future generations, inspire curiosity and reflection, embed responsiveness and restorative justice into our practices, programs, and society, and center the voices of children in our work. 

Scholarships are available. 
Email Mike at if you have any questions! 

Sarah Felstiner (she/her)

12 Sep 2020

Engaging Families in Reflective Practice: Learning Stories in the Flow of the Year 

How do we encourage families to join us in studying children’s learning? By weaving Learning Stories into a year-round plan for partnership, we can meaningfully engage families in…

Nick Terrones (he/him)

07 Nov 2020

Rough and Tumble Play

Rough-and-tumble play. Is it violence? Is it non verbal communication? Is it part of child development? In my culture, it’s a way to tackle (no pun intended) socially constructed norms…

Ellie Dawson, pictured (she/her), Tom Drummond (he/him), Brayden (he/him), and Sarah Felstiner (she/her)

12 Dec 2020

Kitty Cats and Math

Kitties meows, purrs, & nap. But in this classroom, they have discovered how to do math. Dramatic play isn’t just a window into children’s learning but an opportunity to enumerate, investigate, & build STEAM skills…

Shalla Sayed (she/her)

12 JAN 2021

Using Learning Stories to help Children, Families and Educators Reflect, Connect, and Understand 

How can Learning Stories can deepen our anti-bias practices, build children’s self-identity, and empower educators to create culturally responsive curriculum? This session highlights… 

Kelly Ramsey (she/her)

6 Feb 2021

Parallel Process

Stories doesn’t have to end in the classroom. There are stories that prompts adults to think deeper and expand our learning. This session highlights a parallel process. One in which honors and respects the stories of children and the adult that interacts with them.

Erika Flores (she/her)

10 MAR 2021

Hearing the Voices of Multi-language Learners and Their Families

How can we be more intentional in listening to the stories of young children and their families who have recently immigrated into the US? How can we increase our capacity for cultural and linguistical responsiveness to connect and collaborate more deeply?

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