PREFACE: This space has been created for educators, administrators, parents, and youth advocates and attendees of “No Place for Men? Attracting More Males to ECE” as a forum for sharing experiences and reflections as they work through these resources. On this page, we invite and encourage you to share your experiences and reflections, ideas and insights and engage with others to address questions surrounding recruitment of male educators in ECE and Elementary school. While these resources are intended to offer an introduction on the subject of Attracting and Recruiting Male Educators, our list is not intended to be exhaustive and we welcome suggestions to other potential resources. With our next workshop on February 26th, 2019 titled “No Place for Men? Attracting More Males to ECE” along with both the provided and suggested resources on this page, we hope readers will find new and innovative ways to achieve racial and gender balance in our workforce. 

Dwane Chappelle

Recruiting Male Teachers Resources

Feb 25, 2019

Readings and Videos

Recruiting Male Teachers
By Penn St University (2012)

Interest Forums on Culture
By NAEYC (2019)

Stigma Around Male ECE Teachers
By Aaron Loewenberg (2017)

Where are the Boys?
An interview with Javier Casio and Nick Terrones. By Margie Carter (2013)

Getting Men Involved in Early Childhood Education (text and video)
By Educare (2016)

World Forum on Men in ECE
By the World Forum Foundation (2017)

Guidance Matters: Boys and Men Teachers.
By Darnell Gartrell (2006) 

Recruiting male volunteers to build staff diversity.
By Bruce Cunningham via Child Care Exchange Magazine (1998)

Recruiting Male Teachers
By Penn State University (2002)

The Importance of Men Teachers and Why There Are So Few – $10
By Bryan Nelson (2002)

Male Teachers: How to Teach Boys to Be Better Men
By Justin Minkel (2018) 

No Place for Men? Attracting More Males to ECE is one of several workshops Hilltop hosts and one of several professional development services which includes a full day Study Day to jumpstart reflective thinking.  Join us for our next full day Study Day on April 16th where you’ll see the work in action, and hear various ways you can support your work with children and families.  For groups wanting to bring a particular content focus to their Study Day visit, we offer full day visits where one or two of the following topics can be discussed in greater depth:

  • Pedagogical Documentation
  • Environments for Reflective Practice
  • Responsive Curriculum Planning
  • Family Engagement
  • In-Depth Investigations
  • Anti-Bias Education
In the spirit of dialogue, and practicing the Reggio Emilia value of “learning in relationship,” we invite you to delve into deeper thinking and conversation about this event by sharing your thoughts, questions, or comments below!