A thank you can go a long way…

Show Your Ongoing Appreciation:

With the stressors of this year, we are putting together a pool of funds for the organization to use to recognize our entire faculty throughout the year. Traditionally, classroom educators receive periodic appreciation gifts from the families in their classroom, especially during the holiday season and teacher appreciation week. Although we encourage those things to remain, we want to find equitable avenues of spreading the appreciation throughout the organization. By contributing to this pool monthly we can put forward regular efforts to celebrate our amazing team. Please complete this quick survey to let us know if you are willing and able to participate in this pool of funds.

Virtual Faculty Appreciation:

It is important for us to find ways to celebrate our amazing faculty and their role of caregiver, mediator, confidence booster, and all around problem solver. In the past 13 months, they have displayed even more how amazing they are by persevering despite the challenges thrown our way due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Teacher Appreciation Week is fast approaching (May 3-7). Join me in putting together a memorable week thanking our educators and faculty for all they do to ensure our children succeed in school and in life. There are several ways you can share your gratitude in this social distancing world. Since families cannot enter the building at this time, I wanted to supply you with a list of ideas for you to do throughout the week:

Give a shout-out

We have learned through COVID that social media has become an easy way to stay connected. Try adding a video or message on our Facebook page celebrating your child’s educators and/or support staff.

Write a Thank-You note, poem, or song – We love to hear from our children directly.

  • For toddler/preschool children: Have your child complete the sentence: Thank you, (Educator’s Name), for _______. Then draw a picture to accompany the note.
  • For preschool/school-age children: Have your child write a thank-you letter, poem, or song. If they need help getting started, answering these questions might help:
    • What is one way your teacher has helped or inspired you?
    • What are you now able to do thanks to your teacher’s help or inspiration?
    • What do you wish for your teacher’s future?

Movie Night In

We might not be able to go out to the movies, but we can still show gratitude by providing gift cards for a movie on a streaming service, like GooglePlay, Redbox, or Amazon. Try adding a box of popcorn, candy, bottle of wine and/or soft drinks to a gift basket to make it a memorable night in.

Small Gifts

Send your child in with COVID safe gifts, items that are individually wrapped or washable. Self-care items, such as lotions, bath salts, and candles are always a hit. Try adding a quick note of gratitude in a book.

School Supplies Goody Bags

We always need classroom supplies, so try putting together a goody bag with markers, highlighters, Post-its, travel-size hand sanitizer, dry-erase markers, and candy.

Gift Cards

Educators work in an industry that unfortunately is under paid, so we love getting gift cards! If possible, consider giving your child’s educator a gift card to a local shop or restaurant. Not only will your child’s educator feel loved, you will also be supporting our local community thrive. Some of the most popular gift cards are cards to grocery stores, gas stations, and or cards that can help with everyday living expenses.

Food as love

Breakfast or lunch as a team is always appreciated. You can work together as a team to coordinate a meal for the faculty from a group of family members at each site. Each classroom has a class list with contact info and a social-chair, try and organize a cooperative meal.  If that is too complicated, individually, you can always bring in bulk snacks that we can put out throughout the week.

No matter how you do it, showing your appreciation can go a long way in keeping educators motivative. Get creative, have fun, and involve your children. There are no rules here, other than keep it COVID safe. 😊

Use Your Voice:

A voice is a simple but powerful thing. One word can set people free. One voice can start a movement that rocks the whole world. Speak up and see what a social agent you can be! Changing the course of the life of one child effects one family, one community, and, ultimately, the world.

If everyone tells just one, the Power of One becomes the Power of Many! Using your voice doesn’t cost a thing, yet it can change everything. Here’s how it works …