Jill – Primary Educator

Professional Experience: 27 years
Started at Hilltop: 2006
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

As an educator, my primary goal is to establish safe and joyful spaces where children can embrace their unique selves, openly explore, make mistakes, and learn together in a supportive community. I achieve this by infusing humor, laughter, and silliness into my interactions, getting to know each child and appreciating them for who they are, and creating an environment that allows for vulnerability within respectful boundaries.

In my approach, I also make a deliberate effort to show children that I, too, am fallible. I share my own mistakes, demonstrate a willingness to learn from them, and express vulnerability, treating the children as capable individuals deserving of respect. Beyond education, my aspiration is to contribute to a better world, working in a space committed not only to educational excellence but also to the broader goal of caring for the world and making it a better place for everyone.