Our employees are the heart of our company!

Hilltop Children’s Center is not just a great place to work; it’s a great place to be! Working with children is a great responsibility, but very rewarding. We are looking for qualified educators and staff to join the growing learning community.


Hilltop Children’s Center is an internationally recognized center of early learning. Hilltop has been providing and promoting child-centered early education for children ages 6 weeks  to 12 years for over 50 years! Drawing inspiration from the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Hilltop’s faculty engages daily in rigorous reflective practice – collaboratively designing curriculum and environment around the emerging interests and curiosities of children. Hilltop is first and foremost, a center of inquiry – for children, families and faculty. Our educators are early learning professionals dedicated to celebrating the wonders of childhood alongside children, while also deepening their practice with children through regular reflection and study. As a center, we are committed to our vision of Hilltop as a place where:

  • Children are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, their wonder and curiosity, their perspectives, and ability to play
  • Families are valued for their bonds and traditions, their ability to play, their commitment to work, home and community, and their dreams for their children
  • Faculty are valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill and knowledge, their commitment to families

Open Positions

Prekindergarten Primary Educators – We are seeking a full-time primary educator who is passionate, creative, intentional, and reflective in their work with children. We have an open position for a full-time educator (30 hours/week – September to June, with an approximate schedule of 7:45am-2:15pm, 5 days/week AND 40 hours/week – July to August and school breaks) in our school-age program serving children ages 6 to 12 years old. 

School Age Primary Educator – We are seeking a school-age educator who is passionate, creative, intentional, and reflective in their work with children. We have an open position for a full-time educator (30 hours/week – September to June, with an approximate schedule of 11:45pm-6:15pm, 5 days/week AND 40 hours/week – July to August and school breaks) in our school-age program serving children ages 6 to 12 years old.

Both Prekindergarten and School-Age Primary Educators are valued for their ability to:

Maintain Classroom Responsibilities 

  • pays close attention to children’s play, engages in reflection and discussion about children’s growth and learning, be responsive to children’s play themes and developmental themes using open‐ended questions. 
  • read children’s files 
  • attend to classroom management: flow of the day, group dynamics, and conflict negotiations 
  • lead studio activities 
  • take groups outside 
  • support and facilitate children’s play without entertaining children 
  • care for classroom environment, attending to aesthetics, functionality, age‐appropriateness, clutter‐free 
  • communicate with families in a timely manner about health and safety issues 
  • maintain current substitute notes 
  • attend to daily communication with other team members 
  • attend weekly team meetings 
  • attend the first parent meeting of the school year (the orientation meeting) 
  • attend other classroom gatherings (potlucks, etc.) – not paid, not required 
  • stay current with required trainings, including STARS 
  • provision the classroom with provocations and appropriate play and learning materials 

 Create Curriculum Development 

  • plan curriculum based on observation and reflection 
  • document children’s play and learning; includes but is not limited to curriculum board, photos and notes for journals, classroom displays 
  • facilitate and document one in‐depth curriculum investigation annually 
  • act as a primary teacher for children, with support from team members, if needed; includes journals, conferences, primary contact with parents about child development 
  • attend three classroom meetings each year (including the first meeting of the year) 
  • assist with basic technical maintenance (training, use, proficiency) 
  • pursue ongoing professional development in consultation with Mentor Educators, Program Supervisors, and Sr. Faculty Engagement Manager 

 Provide Leadership 

  • provide support for newer teachers: with classroom duties, in their work as primary teachers, and in curriculum development and documentation 
  • prepare classroom‐wide communication with families (intro packets, e‐mails, field trip forms, etc.) 
  • organize and facilitate family meetings and other family events 
  • orient new families 
  • prepare for new children and for departures 
  • add classroom materials to classroom wish lists
  • act as liaison with other teams and with administration 
  • act as a mentor across teaching teams or school‐wide 
  • participate in long‐term planning committees 
  • serve as a guide for visitors to Hilltop 
  • interview, orient, and mentor new staff 

Support Educator or Substitutes – We are seeking several support educators who are passionate, creative, intentional, and reflective in their work with children. Full-time support educators (40 hours/week, 5 days/week – September to August) will be assigned a specific age range/development and will support two classroom teams. Part-time substitutes will be on call and will support primary educators away from the centers for illness or preplanned time away.

The support educator is valued for their ability to:

  • remain flexible to changing needs of the daily schedule and move from classroom to classroom as requested by the Program Supervisor
  • create ongoing relationships with all classroom staff, children, and families
  • take direction from classroom staff
  • support and encourage learning moments amidst the frequent transitions they encounter


The most competitive candidates will have 2+ years teaching experience and have a degree in Education or a related field. We are looking for educators who have:

  • a commitment to reflective work with children
  • an eagerness to collaborate with co-teachers and families
  • a fervor for on-going professional development and growth
  • a disposition towards research and inquiry
  • fluency attending to the micro- and macro- layers of experience in the classroom
  • engaging communication and interpersonal skills with children, peers and families
  • strength in creating partnerships with children, families and adults
  • experience designing curriculum responsive to children’s emerging interests
  • familiarity with emergent curriculum, Reggio practice, and anti-bias approaches
  • community enrichment/volunteer experience
  • a long-term commitment to early learning

These position requires successful background check and reference checks. Positions will remain open until filled.

Hilltop is an equal opportunity employer, pursuing diversity and valuing what diversity brings to the workplace. Teachers of color, LGBT and others are encouraged to apply.

COMPENSATION Salary starting range is commensurate with experience/education, 75% medical/dental health coverage, guaranteed raises, generous leave accrual, flexible leave policy, extensive paid planning each week, weekly team meeting time and outstanding on-site professional development opportunities.