After beginning my journey in working with young children I had no idea it would lead to a lifelong career. Nearly thirty years later I reflect on the relationships and shared experiences that have enriched my life, fueled my inquiry, built and reinforced my dedication to reflective practices and guided me through some of my life’s toughest challenges.

When I’m in the classroom I enjoy facilitating music exploration and creative movement. I feel strongly that a shared joy for music, no matter the genre can build community and strengthen relationships like nothing else. In addition to storytelling through felt boards I also enjoy playing ‘Story Games’ using finger puppets and felt creations with the kiddos.

I am married to the love of my life, Patricia who is part of the mentoring team here at Hilltop. We met while working together at another school here in Seattle. Outside of work I enjoy gaming, biking, and exploring nature. I love to travel whenever I can but also enjoy a staycation or local road trip. I enjoy craft beer, love to cook and tinker with my indoor garden.

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