Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities – We are hiring!

Hilltop Children’s Center and Hilltop Educator Institute are internationally recognized as a school for early childhood education (ECE) and as a professional development and training organization for educators and administrators. Hilltop has been providing and promoting child-centered early education for young children for 50 years. Drawing inspiration from the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy and from Anti-Bias Curriculum, Hilltop’s faculty engages daily in rigorous reflective practice – collaboratively designing our environment and curriculum around the emerging interests and curiosities of children. Through the Institute, we strengthen our teaching practice alongside our colleagues and partners in the field. 

Hilltop is, first and foremost, a center of inquiry – for children, families, faculty, and colleagues in the early childhood field. Our educators are early learning professionals dedicated to celebrating the wonders of childhood alongside children, while also deepening their practice with children through regular reflection and study. 

We are closely guided by our vision: Hilltop honors and trusts children, engages families, and inspires educators to create a more just and joyful world; by our mission: Hilltop is transforming early childhood education through play, collaboration, and reflection: in our classrooms with children, partnerships with families, and professional development with educators; and by our values of Learning in Relationship, Emergent Curriculum, Leadership in Community, and Organizational Integrity. 

Hilltop is an equal opportunity employer, pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and valuing what diversity brings to the workplace. Applicants of color, men, LGBTQ+ and candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply. 

 Our Core Values

  • Learning in Relationship – We believe in reciprocal influence
  • Emergent Curriculum – We believe learning should be self-led and is constructed through experiences, inquiry, and reflection
  • Leadership in Community – We believe that collective contributions lead to bold action
  • Organizational Integrity – We believe that root tending creates stability and intentional growth

    Support Educator(s) (FT)

    We are seeking full-time (40 hours/week) Support Educators who are passionate, creative, intentional, and reflective in their work with children.  These positions will support teaching teams in different classrooms in implementing emergent curriculum through observation, documentation, and in dynamically designing the classroom environment. We seek teachers who are eager to grow their practice as researchers, learners, and facilitators in collaboration with children, their families, and colleagues. Potential job growth and advancement opportunities may be available in the future. 

      Program Supervisor @ Fremont (FT)

      We are seeking a full-time (40 hours/week) committed education professional who is passionate, creative, intentional, and reflective in their work with children and adults. This individual will be responsible for overall program effectiveness in collaboration with multiple administrative and faculty teams. They must will show an eagerness to grow their practice as a researcher, learner, facilitator, leader, and collaborator in this incredible field of joy and wonder to positively impact the lives of the young children, families, and the faculty they support. This position reports to the Executive Director, with responsibilities including but not limited to:

      Program Effectiveness

      •  Supports and supervises the teaching faculty, mentor teachers, and school-wide support staff.
      • Maintains documentation and ensures program meets standards, and is in compliance with City and State licensing requirements at all times.
      • Provides program-related support, mediation, and coaching to faculty, and coordinates with the HR Manager to create action plans, follow-up and documentation as necessary to ensure successful outcomes.
      • Effectively manages child, classroom, family and educator partnerships. Assures effective communication between faculty, program, administration and parents. Addresses escalation and seeks resolution of staff and family concerns.
      • Generally oversees program functions and acquaints themselves with the children and their families.
      • Collaborates with Education Director to ensure values-alignment of Hilltop’s pedagogy and shared educational practices.
      • Coordinates collaboration and communication among Program Team, Mentors, and other Administrators.

      Faculty Support and Accountability

      • Provides information and administrative support to programs.
      • Conducts performance reviews of teaching faculty, in collaboration with Program Team and HR Manager.
      • Oversees and manages quarterly “Shared Practice” meetings with teams
      • Conducts individual check-ins on performance goals as needed
      • Oversees internal Step-Up program, in cooperation with the Step Up Coordinator.
      • Support faculty involvement in the Institute, as it relates to individual professional goal


      JOIN US

      Thank you for your interest in Hilltop Children’s Center! Our learning environment is dynamic and fueled by educators who are lifelong learners themselves. The number of advanced degrees attained, and hours of yearly professional development completed, are a testament to how seriously our teachers view their profession. Through their own growth, they model for our children both the persistence and resilience necessary for success.

      Whether teacher, administrator, or staff, if you find joy in the challenge to be your best, we look forward to reviewing your application.