Big Kids Classroom Calendar 2018-2019

Hilltop Big Kids Calendar 2018-2019

Dates Subject to Change, Based on Seattle Public Schools Calendar

Every Wednesday: Open at 1:00 for SPS early release days


September 2018
4th Full Day
5th First Day After School
14th Fall Potluck
25th New Family Orientation


October 2018
12th Full Day


November 2018
9th & 12th CLOSED for Professional Development
19th-21st Full Days
22nd-23rd CLOSED, Thanksgiving


December 2018
Dec 24th-Jan 1st CLOSED, Winter Break


January 2019
2nd– 4th Full Days
18th Winter Potluck
21st CLOSED, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
22nd CLOSED, Professional Development
30th Full Day


February 2019
18th CLOSED, Presidents Day
19th-21st Full Days, Mid-Winter Break


March 2019
4th-8th Teacher Appreciation Week


April 2019
8th-12th Full Days, Spring Break
15th Hilltop Open, No Longer Professional Development
22nd Annual Giving Fund Begins


May 2019
3rd CLOSED, Professional Development
27th CLOSED, Memorial Day


June 2019
7th Annual Giving Fund Celebration!
19th Last Day of After School
20th -21st CLOSED, Professional Development/Summer Prep
24th First Day of Big Kids Summer


July 2019
4th CLOSED, Independence Day


August 2019
28th Last Day of Big Kids Summer
29th– 30th CLOSED, Professional Development



September 2019
2nd CLOSED, Labor Day
3rd Full Day
4th First Day of After School