Because Hilltop values learning in relationship and collaborative teaching, all educators at Hilltop are considered Master Teachers, with no leads or assistants.  This team teaching approach translates to a rich learning environment and deeper curriculum development supported by three high quality educators.  Our educators receive paid planning time out of the classroom each week, including a weekly team, meeting to work on documentation, discuss and develop curriculum, share observations of the children and classroom dynamics, and plan future trips or events, among many other programmatic tasks.  Ongoing, regular professional development is a priority at Hilltop and we are continually exploring ways to be engaged, challenged, and to grow as professionals.

Administrative Faculty

  • Darline, Executive Director
  • Sarah F, Education Director
  • Erin, Program Supervisor
  • Hannah, Administrative Coordinator
  • Nick S, HR Manager
  • Mike, Community Engagement and Business Manager
  • Donna, Bookkeeper

Teaching Faculty

Raindrop Classroom

  • Chauntae
  • Megan
  • Nick T.

Rainbow Classroom

  • Jill C.
  • Cassie

Mountain Classroom

  • Elizabeth
  • Ellie
  • Michelle

Sunlight Classroom

  • Becky
  • Evie
  • Naoko

River Classroom

  • Chelsea
  • Paty
  • Michele

Beach Classroom

  • Meg
  • Shalla
  • Jade

Big Kids Classroom

  • Layla
  • Joel

Mentor Teachers

  • Trudy
  • Emily

School Wide Faculty

  • Jill L, Spanish Teacher
  • Lauren, On-site Substitute
  • Macie, On-site Substitute
  • Aisha, On-site Substitute
  • Caitlyn, On-site Substitute
  • Jacob, Support Educator
  • Lindsay, Support Educator
  • Mischa, Support Educator and Facilities

Substitutes and Floaters:

Meet Our Substitutes and Floaters

Faculty Recognized as Emerging Leaders


Nick Terrones

Raindrop Educator


Joel Metschke

Big Kids Educator


Liddy Wendell

Former Executive Director


Sarah Felstiner

Curriculum Director