Inspirations from New Zealand

What if an entire country developed a compassionate, bi-cultural, strengths-based framework for Early Childhood Education? Could you transform the experiences that all children in that country encounter, and begin to address historical and cultural injustices, by starting with that countries youngest citizens?

Environments for Reflective Practice

When educators plan the environment to promote discovery and engagement, it becomes another “teacher” in the classroom, another source of learning and possibility. When educators thoughtfully observe how children explore our invitations and provocations, we will know whether something is emerging that is worth pursuing. When, as parents and educators, we see ourselves as researchers and collaborators with the children, we will naturally shift how we spend our time with them.

How community supports new educators

I didn’t grow up wishing to be a teacher one day. That’s why, when the day came that I looked at my life and realized that a teacher is what I was, I was reminded that sometimes life can lead us in directions we never expected. Sometimes it even takes us back to where everything began, casting a new light on the places we’ve been, inspiring new perspectives and a new way of being.